Volunteer Information

Our Volunteer Program is a great way to connect people with opportunities to serve Calaveras County Government departments and form meaningful partnerships. More than 500 volunteers currently invest their time, energy, skills, and talent to help County departments run more efficiently and provide needed outreach to residents of our community.

Volunteering is one of the greatest forms of civic engagement and we appreciate the volunteers who donate their time without compensation. County volunteer opportunities range from one-time events to long-term volunteer opportunities, such as providing assistance to our Animal Services Department, Health & Human Services Agency, and Library branches throughout the County. The County Volunteer Program encourages citizens and County retirees to volunteer their time and talents.

Administration of the County's Volunteer Program is decentralized; and the departmental volunteer programs vary considerably.

While volunteers are identified by each department ALL volunteers must participate in a County New Volunteer Orientation followed by specific department training.


**A supplemental application may be required for the volunteer programs below**

Volunteer Programs

All volunteers must be fingerprinted and clear prior to working as a volunteer.