Calaveras County Human Services Positions

GREAT NEWS! We now offer a 5% special pay assignment for CPS Social Workers, Supervisors and Managers that are assigned to duties within ER and Ongoing! 

Calaveras County Division of Human Services utilizes Merit System Services (MSS) in Sacramento for our social services recruitments.

Current Merit Position Openings with Calaveras County:

(To apply, please visit the MSS Website or click on the open classification below.)




Social Worker III


$30.40 – $36.92

Social Worker I/II


$25.16 – $33.68

Social Services Supervisor I/II


$32.04 – $38.94


What is Human Services?
Human Services are those jobs which provide a Service to Society, particularly in times of crisis. Human Services are designed to help people navigate through crisis or chronic situations where the person feels they need external help and guidance to move forward with their life and rediscover their personal power and self-sufficiency. Sometimes the situation the person needs help with is external, such as the loss of a job or income, the need for food or housing or for help getting out of a dangerous situation. For other people the difficulty they are facing is an internal challenge such as depression, a physical ailment or disability or other mental or physical health crisis.

What types of Human Services positions might be available in Calaveras County?
There are many careers that help to create a cohesive definition of Human Services and all have in common helping one’s fellow human beings to reach their maximum potential by providing critical services for both the short-term and long term. Through a strength based approach, the Human Services worker helps their clients to achieve self-sufficiency and a higher quality of life.

Examples of human services jobs available in Calaveras County:
Social Worker I/II/III/IV, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Eligibility Specialist I/II/III, Eligibility Specialist Supervisor,  Employment & Training Workers I/II/III, Employment Training Supervisors, Office Support Positions, Legal Clerk I/II, Staff Services Analysts, System Support Technicians, and Social Services Supervisors.

What is Merit System Services (MSS)?
A Merit System is the process of hiring and promoting government employees based on their ability to perform a job, rather than on their political connections. Federal legislation established the following six merit principles that apply to those state and local governments that are required to operate a Merit Personnel System as a condition of eligibility for Federal assistance or participation in an intergovernmental program.

Tips for Completing your Application:
The following are some tips for completing an application. This information is provided to encourage your full and accurate completion of the application as a key step in the selection process.

  • Take your time and make sure the application is an accurate representation of your qualifications.
  • Provide sufficient details of your duties and responsibilities. Job titles do not tell us about the breadth and depth of your experience.
  • If multiple positions were held, list each position separately as an individual entry. Example, Social Worker I, II, III would be listed as three different job entries.
  • Don’t use acronyms or slang.

Job Preview Videos: