Advanced Leave Procedure 3/24/2020

On March 10, 2020 the Public Health Officer declared a Local Health Emergency and was ratified March 17, 2020. Effective immediately the following procedures are to be followed per direction of the County Administrative Officer:

  1. The County shall waive the family sick leave limit, which for most units is 60 hours per year.
  2. In cases of school closures where employees need to stay home for child care purposes, employees may request Advanced Leave Pay up to 80 hours.
  3. If the employee is ill, or a family member is ill and the employee needs to care for them, sick leave shall be used prior to the use of vacation, CTO and MTO and the employee may be eligible for 80 hours of Advanced Leave Pay. Employees may apply for State Disability Insurance (If they are in a bargaining unit that has SDI) or Paid Family Leave if under a doctor’s care and eligible for Advanced Pay Leave (ALP), as described in item #6.
  4. Employees who are sent home because they are exhibiting symptoms consistent with the virus/pandemic illness may first use sick leave and then other accrued leaves. If the employee elects, they may be eligible for Advanced Leave Pay (ALP), as described in item #6.
  5. For probationary employees, the required waiting period of 13 full pay periods before being allowed to use vacation accruals will be suspended. Accrued vacation will be available immediately.
  6. An employee may be advanced up to 80 hours of sick leave, subject to the following limitations:
  • The employee must be in permanent or probationary status which includes, full-time or part-time.
  • All paid leave accruals including sick leave, vacation leave, MTO, and accumulated compensatory time off (CTO) must be exhausted. 
  • ALP shall be advanced as approved by the department head and Human Resources, and shall not be an automatic addition of 80 hours to the paid leave (sick) balance. 
  • Employees electing to take advantage of the ALP shall execute an agreement that may require (in some circumstances) all specified paid leave accruals be exhausted before they become eligible for the ALP. 
  • Employees choosing to participate in the ALP program must sign an agreement agreeing to repay the advanced leave as indicated on the agreement.​  Please see agreement here.
  1. The County will review this program on a continuing basis and reserves the right to modify, terminate, or extend the program at the County’s discretion.
  2. Nothing in this program is intended to, nor shall, interfere with the requirements of the “Families First Coronavirus Response Act.”