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Employment Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to pass a background check?

Yes. Everyone (full-time, part-time, extra-hire, unpaid interns, work experience, volunteers) must pass a background check before their first day of work. The background release forms will be emailed to you after checking references and identifying that you are the top candidate for the position. 

All offers of employment (including internal transfers and promotions) are contingent upon complete and satisfactory findings of all applicable background checks as defined in the County of Calaveras Background Screening Policy.  Background checks may include: social security number search, previous employers, sex offender registry, credit report, criminal records search, verification of academic credentials, driver’s license and driving record check, verification of occupational and professional licenses, drug/alcohol check, physical, and healthcare sanctions check. The Human Resources Department coordinates the collection of all background check information with third-party vendors, Employee Relations Network and the Department of Justice.

How do I find out about a specific job?

A detailed job flyer is created for each job opening. These flyers are available from The Human Resources Division and will include information regarding the salary, benefits, job duties, minimum qualifications required, and final filing date (the last day applications for that job will be accepted).

Applications must be received by 5:00 P.M. on the final filing date. If your application is postmarked or received after the final filing date it will not be included in the process. It is important that you read the job announcement carefully for each position you choose to apply for. A separate application must be submitted for each position. It is recommended that applicants make a copy of their application before it is submitted. Human Resources will not return originals nor make copies of any materials once submitted.

How do I find out about other positions that are not currently open?

The County of Calaveras accepts applications only when recruitment is open. If you did not see the position you are interested in on the employment page continue to check back frequently or sign up to receive an email notification when a new opening is posted on our website.

How do I find out if I am on an eligibility list?

If you successfully interview for a position and you are one of the top candidates you will receive a letter from the Human Resources Division stating you are being put on the list. If the position becomes vacant in the near future you may be called for another interview or offered the position.

How do I determine if I qualify for a job?

The minimum qualifications for each position are listed on the job flyer. Read these requirements carefully. Minimum qualifications may include college degrees or coursework, the specific length of experience, a license or certificate, or skills, knowledge, and abilities in a specific field. You should be able to determine whether or not you meet the minimum qualifications. If you are not sure, submit your application, and the Human Resources Department will determine this.

How does the Human Resources Division determine if I qualify for the job?

Your application and other required materials are reviewed and compared to the minimum qualifications of the position. These other materials may include supplemental questions designed to help us determine what skills and experience you have, a list of college classes or copy of a degree/transcripts, resume, cover letter, licenses, certificates, and references. Special skills can be submitted on the applications so that the Human Resources Department can make a determination. If all information is not provided, your application will be disqualified.

What kind of examination will I have to take?

Typically examinations are given for Correctional Officer, Sheriff's Dispatcher Clerks, and Probation Officers. The Dispatcher positions require a written timed POST certified test. Both Correctional Officer and Deputy Probation Officer require a State BSCC certified test. Notification will be mailed to you regarding when and where the examination will be given. If you feel that you have physical limitations that would require special testing accommodations, please contact the Human Resources Department at (209) 754-6303.

Candidates for Deputy Sheriff Recruit will need to take the POST entry exam consisting of both physical agility and written test before applying. Once you receive your T-Score, you will need to submit it to the HR department with your application packet.  

Practical exams for other positions may be given during a 1st or 2nd interview to determine if you have specific skills as they pertain to the position.

What happens after I take the examination?

Correctional Officer, Dispatcher, and Deputy Probation Office candidates will receive notification of their exam results by mail within 30 days taking the test. Candidates who successfully pass the written exam will be invited to an oral interview.

Candidates who submit to a written or practical exam during the interview process will have their score calculated as part of the total interview ranking. Candidates must receive a passing score of 70% in order to be considered for employment.

When can I file an employment application?

The County of Calaveras only accepts applications for current job openings. Applications received for positions not currently open will receive a letter stating as such.

Job announcements for current openings are posted on our website, posted in the Human Resources Department at 891 Mountain Ranch Road, San Andreas, CA 95249.

Candidate can also sign up to receive an email notification when new positions are posted to our website. You can also friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for vacancies and helpful hints.

What happens when I am hired?

The offer of employment will come from either the Human Resources Director or Department Head. Once you agree on a start date you will be scheduled for new hire orientation. New hire orientation is every other Monday (unless it falls on a Holiday at which time it is the next working day) at the beginning of a pay period.

What should I do if called for a selection interview?

Sell yourself! Remember that the selection interview is your chance to put on your pom-poms and show the interview panel that you are the most perfect person for the job. The following tips may help: review the job announcement and your application in order to familiarize yourself with that position and with how your qualifications match those required of the position; research the department and what function they perform for the residents of Calaveras County. Be prompt and dress professionally. If the interviewer does not thoroughly explain the job, ask for an explanation of duties, and ask when you will be notified of the department's decision. The top candidates from the selection interview will be referred to the department head and panel for a second interview and/or practical test. An offer of employment will be made to the top candidate.

What if I am not selected?

You will receive written notification from the Human Resources Division in a reasonable amount of time.