The County of Calaveras is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all of its employees.  During this time of declared emergency the County will establish an INTERIM EMPLOYEE LEAVE BANK in which vacation and sick leave can be donated for employees to use for personal illness or care of a family member up to forty (40) hours.   Employees may donate vacation or sick leave hours to the leave bank on a voluntary basis, consistent with this temporary policy.


The purpose of the Interim Employee Leave Bank is to provide leave to employees who have exhausted all accrued leave (sick, vacation, CTO and MTO) and who are unable to attend work because of the following:

  • The employee is ill and exhibiting symptoms consistent with the virus/pandemic illness or is taking care of a family member who is ill.
  • The employee has been exposed to COVID-19 and is self-quarantined or is taking care of a family member who has been exposed.
  • The Employee has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or is taking care of a family member who has been diagnosed with COVID -19.


Donation of Vacation and Sick Leave for Employee Leave Bank.

  • The Human Resources Department is asking employees to donate to the Interim Employee Leave Bank by submitting the appropriate leave donation form.
  • Donors will send completed Vacation/Sick Leave Donation forms to the Human Resources Department for processing. Donation pledge forms will be made available electronically for a designated period of time. Donations must be made at a minimum of one (1) or more hour increments.

Once the completed donation forms are returned to the Human Resources Department, staff will:

  • Verify that each donor has enough vacation/sick to cover the amount of the donation. The donor must have a sufficient leave balance on the books at the time the donation form is submitted. If the donor does not have a sufficient balance, the donation will not be processed and the donation form will be returned to the donor. The donating employee will reserve no less than 80 hours of vacation and 80 hours of sick leave in their accrual bank subsequent to the donation.
  • Deduct the donated vacation/sick leave from the donor’s vacation/sick leave balance and apply the donated hours to the Employee Leave Bank.

Requesting Leave from the Interim Employee Leave Bank.

  • The maximum hours that can be requested is forty (40) hours.
  • Complete a Request for Leave from Employee Leave Bank form and return to the Human Resources Department, staff will:
    • Document each request.  Requests will be processed in the order that they are received.
    • Verify that the recipient has exhausted all accruals.
    • Deduct the requested leave from Leave Bank balance and apply the donated hours to the Recipient.
  • Payments will be made to the recipient based on the normal payroll schedule at the recipient's regular biweekly salary. Recipients will continue to accrue vacation and sick hours on a pro-rated basis depending upon the number of hours that are used in a given pay period.  Employees are encouraged to apply for SDI (if appropriate) and coordinate benefits.  Human Resources will assist in this process.
  • Any donated hours used by a recipient are considered compensable earnings and are subject to applicable Federal, State and Local taxes. Deductions for any benefits premiums and retirement shall also occur. A recipient is responsible for paying the employee portion of any benefits premiums or retirement costs not paid for through the payroll deduction.

The County will review this program on a continuing basis and reserves the right to modify or extend the program at the County’s discretion.