Take Home Vehicle Program
4 Day Work Week


A sworn deputy sheriff is a commissioned employee empowered to continuously bear arms and perform the full range of peace officer duties deligated by the Sheriff.  Your badge will be a symbol of public faith.  You will serve the public, safeguard life and property, protect the public and their constitutional rights.


Recruitment/Retention Incentive

$2,000 upon completion of 1st year

$1,500 upon completion of 2nd year

$1,500 upon completion of 3rd year

Relocation Incentive

$2,000 upon hire if relocating to Calaveras County from outside a 50 mile radius.



A deputy sheriff will perform a wide variety of law enforcement funcitons:

  • Patrol assigned beat areas
  • Investigate criminal acts and arrest criminal offenders
  • Serve and administer civil and criminal documents
  • Prepare police reports and ensure the safe storage of held property and/or evidence
  • Testify in court
  • Work on special enforcement details
  • Transport prisoners
  • Build relationships among local communities
  • See job description for detailed list of duties



California Commission on POST Website