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Experienced fiscal analyst needed to perform difficult professional organizational, budgetary and related analysis and studies.
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Admin Office




SALARY: $73,777.60-$89,689.60 annually

RANGE: 457

UNIT: Mid-Management Unrepresented

FLSA: Exempt

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County of Calaveras is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



Under administrative direction from the County Administrative Officer and/or the Assistant County Administrative Officer, performs the most difficult professional level fiscal, organizational, budgetary and related analysis and studies; develops, directs, coordinates and advises on County economic programs and activities; performs legislative and policy analysis and develops programs and funding sources to meet program requirements; and performs related work as assigned.



This is an experienced fiscal management classification that has programmatic and analytical duties.  Responsibilities will include operational and budgetary analysis, and will also involve legislative, policy and funding source analysis.  Positions in this class use broad, independent judgment in maintaining and processing difficult financial records and transactions involving a variety of items in different forms and requiring the examination of dissimilar accounting details and supporting documents.


  • Plans and organizes operational, budgetary, or other studies related to functions and activities of Administrative Office.
  • Analyzes alternatives and makes recommendations regarding such matters as budget development, administration, fiscal policy and implementation.
  • Analyzes federal, state and local legislation for impact upon departmental service delivery; identifies and applies to varying funding sources to meet identified departmental needs.
  • Oversees long and short-term special projects related to departmental and County fiscal activities.
  • Prepares complex narrative, statistical, and other management reports and correspondence; makes presentations to the Board of Supervisors, department heads, and others; evaluates assigned activities for possible operational efficiencies and develops implementation plans to effectuate positive change.
  • Assists with and performs specific management support activities such as coordinating departmental budget development and administration, reviewing and assisting proposed legislation and representing the department as specified.
  • Prepares a variety of technical, statistical and narrative reports, correspondence and other written materials; prepares and submits reports to various regulatory agencies, funding sources and other organizations.
  • Serves as liaison between the County Administrator’s Office and various administrative officials, legislative bodies, boards, commissions, agencies, civic clubs/organizations, and the general public.
  • Exercises good judgement and makes sound business recommendations or decisions in assigned activities and functions; provides strategic leadership through communication, demonstration, and accomplishment of the County vision, mission and values; provides superior customer service.
  • May negotiate and administer contracts and agreements as needed.
  • May supervise one or more County Administrative Office divisions on a permanent or interim basis.
  • May direct the work of professional, technical or office support staff on a project or day-to-day basis.


Knowledge of:

Principles, practices, and procedures of budget development; local, state and federal lending policies and procedures as they relate to local governments; principles and practices of public administration, including budgeting, fiscal analysis, and project management; fiscal and administrative problems and issues typically experienced by small/rural governmental jurisdictions with diversified activities; practices and procedures of econometric analysis, including forecasting and trend analysis; effects of legislation on local government operations; principles of organizational planning and analysis; laws relating to the financial administration of County government; principles and techniques of public relations and public information; modern office automation technology including financial information systems; statistical analysis, research methods, and report writing; principles and practices of supervision; and practical and operational issues within the political environment of a government agency.


Skill and Ability to:

Plan, direct and coordinate the County’s budget development and related activities while ensuring excellent customer service; efficiently and effectively apply the principles, practices and techniques of public administration to the management of the County budget and activities; conduct complex analyses on fiscal policies and procedures as well as the economic viability of specific financing proposals; provide appropriate and effective leadership and management over assigned staff; exercise good judgment and make sound managerial decisions; exercise analytical and critical thinking to analyze complex problems and recommend appropriate solutions; understand, interpret, and apply legal codes, regulations, and rules pertaining to assigned operations; prepare and administer budgets, as well as fiscal and financial records; prepare and conduct public presentations to a wide range of audiences; utilize automated systems to develop and maintain data; apply statistical methods in the analysis of management practices; manage multiple and changing priorities; communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; prepare and deliver thorough and comprehensive written reports; establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted during the course of work


Education and Experience:

Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree in public or business administration, accounting, economics, or closely related field and five years of progressively difficult  fiscal management experience.

A master’s degree in public or business administration, accounting, economics or closely related field may substitute for up to one year of the required experience.



Interested individuals must submit the following:

  • Calaveras County application
  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Supplemental questions
  • Any relevant certificates

Application materials will be reviewed to evaluate the specific qualifications of each applicant and determine which applicants will continue in the screening process.  Incomplete application information will result in the candidate being screened out of the process.  Those candidates identified as having qualifications best suited for the position will be invited to participate in the interview process.



The purpose of this supplemental questionnaire is to assess your qualifications, training, and experience in specific job related areas.  Your answers to these questions, along with your completed application, will be used to select the most suitably qualified candidates for the interview process.  Applications submitted without completed Supplemental Questionnaires will not be given further consideration.


Respond to each question fully, describing your specific experience and accomplishments, but limit your response for each question to only one “8-1/2 x 11” sheet of paper (single or double spaced.)  Responses must be legible.  Typewritten responses are preferred.  Although this supplemental questionnaire will be reviewed in tandem with your other application documents, when answering supplemental questions please specify the organization for which you worked while performing each function.  Submit your completed application materials to the County of Calaveras, Human Resources and Risk Management Department, 891 Mountain Ranch Road, San Andreas, CA  95249, Attn:  Andrea Troublefield.


1. Budgeting/Financial Analysis:  Describe your experience analyzing/preparing fiscal budgets, forecasting budgets or economic trends, developing fiscal procedures, monitoring purchases/expenditures.  Included the nature of your responsibilities, the types and sizes of the budgets, organizations and reports prepared.


2. Department/Project Coordination:  Describe in detail your experience managing projects and coordinating with multiple departments, agencies or groups.


3. Public Relations:  Describe your experience working with high-level officials, community organizations, committees and individuals of various levels in difficult or sensitive situations and how you handled such situations.  Please provide specific examples.


Human Resources Division
891 Mountain Ranch Road
Building C
San Andreas, CA 95249

Phone (209) 754-6303
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24 Hour job line (209) 754-6332

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