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The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Intern Program (SIP) offers college students a rewarding hands-on learning experience in all divisions.
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Sheriff's Office




SALARY: $15.61 per hour

RANGE: 629

UNIT: Other-Unrepresented (EXTRA-HIRE ONLY)

FLSA: Non-Exempt

County of Calaveras is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



Under general supervision, and for a limited duration, employees in this class perform a variety of sub professional work in support of the Sheriff’s Office. This may include but is not limited to record keeping, evidence processing, filing, data entry, report taking, note taking, project development, statistical reporting, interviewing, report review, interacting with the public  and will receive on-the-job training that will prepare them for development and promotion to working level classes within the Sheriff’s Office.  This classification has been created to offer potential employment opportunities to individuals who are interested in pursuing a career with the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office.


  •    Some aspects for administrative work, such as:

- perform routine clerical duties

- decipher technical data and laws pertaining to the security

- release and maintenance of Sheriff’s records

- develop skills to handle citizen complaints in person and over the telephone

  •    Some aspects for custody work, such as:

- assist the jail personnel with the public

- process new prisoners

- monitor radio  and phone communications

- inventory and secure inmates personal property and monies

- control traffic into and out of the jail facility by operating the jail security doors 

- coordinate inmate visitation, inclusive of screening and records check of visitors

  •   Some aspects for communications/dispatch work, such as:

      - receive non-emergency calls from the public requesting sheriff, police, fire medical or other emergency services 

- enter, update, and retrieve information from a variety of computer systems

- maintain contact with all units on assignment

- monitor status and location of sheriff, police and ambulance units 

      - receive requests for information regarding vehicular registration, driving records, and warrant information, and provide  pertinent data

      - learn terminology and codes used in law enforcement, fire, related emergency radio and telephone communications

      - communicate tactfully and effectively with the public, public safety personnel and others, including clear enunciation 

  •   Some aspects for law enforcement work, such as:

- patrol assistance

- answer calls for protection of life and property

- assist in conducting preliminary investigations

- review and observe the interviewing of witnesses

- assist in gathering evidence

- take statements

- assist in preparation of the serving of certain warrants and preparation of civil papers

- assist in booking and guarding prisoners

- learn, understand and interpret laws, policies, procedures and regulations

- learn standard broadcasting procedures of a law enforcement radio systems

- assist the office of emergency services in disaster or emergency responses

- transport and package evidence

- assist with writing clear and comprehensive reports.

             • Assist the public with property/evidence inquires, schedule appointments, and release property/evidence

             • Perform any other related duties as assigned.


  • Must be 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or equivalent. 
  • Possession of a valid California driver’s license. 
  • Must be able to pass an in-depth background check. 
  • Must be enrolled in an accredited Junior College, State College or University and maintain a minimum of 9 units per semester with a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher. 



  • Not have any felony convictions
  • Meet drug standards
  • Be able to work evenings and weekends
  • Be willing to wear a uniform


The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office strives to look for innovative ways to attract, hire and retain the highest quality candidates. The Sheriff’s Intern Program consists of three training phases, and offers young adults a hands-on opportunity to experience and gain knowledge in various aspects of the Sheriff’s Office. The Interns serve alongside experienced Sheriff’s Office staff and receive valuable insight into a law enforcement career.


The Sheriff’s Office currently connects with youth through the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Explorer Program. Through this program teen and young adult volunteers are introduced to the various opportunities available in the field of law enforcement by observing and supporting trained professionals within the Sheriff’s Office. Currently, youth can participate in the Explorer Program from the age of 14 through the age of 20 years; however, most leave the program at age 18 to find paid employment or attend college. They do not qualify for employment as a Deputy Sheriff until they reach the age of 21 years. The Sheriff’s Office would like to create an opportunity to bridge the gap between the Explorer Program and a full-time law enforcement career. The development of the Sheriff’s Intern Program allows young men and women, starting at the age of 18, to train for a position within the sheriff’s office while maintaining a connection with the department thus providing them with the ability to determine career goals and explore a career in law enforcement. With the creation of this program it is anticipated that these interns will have a greater sense of community and will encourage the retention of deputies, correctional officers, and dispatchers with the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office.


The Sheriff’s Intern Program is a new approach to recruitment and offers an attractive career opportunity for our local young men and women who have already shown an interest in a law enforcement career. The Sheriff intends to offer the Internship Program for up to four qualified individuals at any given session. The Internship Program is a new method of recruitment that has been recently approved for the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department, and has shown to be a positive method of attracting local candidates. The phased training approach of the Internship Program proposed here will result in a candidate for a deputy sheriff, correctional officer, or dispatcher position that will have a full understanding of both the Custody and Operations sides of the Sheriff’s Office with practical training in both disciplines.


The Sheriff’s Intern Program will have a three phased approach in preparing individuals to obtain full-time employment.


Phase-1 begins with the Operations Division, including Patrol, Investigations, Dispatch Center, Records/Civil, and Evidence/Property. The Intern will be required to satisfactorily complete a minimum of 440 of training over a 52-week period (eight hours per week) in Phase-1 prior to advancing to Phase-2.

To maintain eligibility for the Sheriff’s Intern Program, and prior to the beginning of Phase-2, Interns are required to be enrolled in an approved higher education program to obtain an Associates or Bachelor’s degree, and maintain enrollment with a minimum units per semester, with a grade point average of 2.0.



After successful completion of Phase-1, Interns will enter Phase-2 of the program where they will be assigned to the Custody Bureau. This part of the program will give Interns an understanding of jail operations and some of the challenges it faces on a daily basis. The Intern will receive training in the care, custody and control of inmates, and assist custodial staff with supervision of inmates in a variety of activities at the adult detention facility. The Intern must complete a minimum of 480 hours during  Phase 2  within a 52-week period by working nine hours per week

At no time during Phase I and/or Phase 2 may an Intern work more than 920 hours in a fiscal year.



Upon successful completion of Phase-2, Interns may be offered the opportunity to advance to Phase-3 of the program. Phase 3 will move Interns into one of the following programs which consists of attending either of the following: the California Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) certified law enforcement Regular Basic Course academy to become a deputy sheriff; the California State Standards and Training (STC) Adult Correctional Officer Core Course to become a jail correctional officer; or the California POST Public Safety Dispatchers' Basic Course to become a Sheriff’s Dispatch Clerk.


  • DEPUTY SHERIFF:Over the course of the approximately 933 hour POST Basic Academy, the Interns will receive intensive academic instruction in law enforcement procedures combined with rigorous physical fitness training. Successful completion of the POST Regular Basic Course requires full-time attendance for approximately six months in addition to off-duty study time.
  • CORRECTIONAL OFFICER:The Adult Correctional Officer Core Course consists of a minimum of 176 hours of instruction in specific performance/instructional objectives. Entry-level staff must successfully complete these course objectives by showing a satisfactory level of proficiency on relevant achievement tests.
  • DISPATCHER:The Public Safety Dispatchers' Basic Course is the entry-level training requirement for dispatchers. The Public Safety Dispatchers' Basic Course has a minimum hourly requirement of 120 hours, and introduces the necessary skills and knowledge to work in a law enforcement communications center in a productive and professional manner. The course also prepares each student for the basic roles, responsibilities, and duties of a public safety dispatcher within the law enforcement agency.


After successful completion of the Phase-3 Basic Academy, Correctional Officer Core Course, or the Public Safety Dispatchers’ Basic Course, the Intern will be assigned to the respective job-related training program (Patrol Field Training Officer Program (FTP), Jail Training Program (JTP), or the Dispatch Communications Training Program (CTP)). The Intern will be required to complete the FTP, JTP or CTP within twelve months by working one 8-hour shift per week. During this final phase the Intern will learn directly from Field Training Officers, Correctional Training Officers or Communications Training Officers on how to apply the formal education they received in a real world setting.


Upon successful completion of the FTP, JTP or CTP, the Sheriff’s Intern must transition into a full-time assignment as a Deputy Sheriff, Correctional Officer, or Dispatcher through the county recruitment process, or separate from County service. The Sheriff Intern is a part-time, extra hire classification where permanent status may or may not be obtained.

The Sheriff’s Office supports the Sheriff’s Intern Program as an investment in our future. The continued connection with the young men and women interested in a Law Enforcement career partnered with continued higher education and a career development track is a step in investing in our community.


The selection process to participate in the Sheriff’s Intern Program includes:

  • Submittal of the following to Human Resources

                 - Calaveras County application

                 - Resume

                 - Cover Letter

                 - Transcripts or proof of college enrollment

  • Application packet screening
  • Interview
  • Background Investigation
  • Truth verification exam (CVSA)
  • Psychological examination
  • Medical examination



Human Resources Division

891 Mountain Ranch Road, Building C, San Andreas, CA 95249
Phone (209) 754-6303 ~ Fax (209) 754-6333 ~


Calaveras County is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious creed (including religious dress and grooming), national origin, age (40 and above), sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and/or related medical conditions), marital status, sexual orientation ( heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, gender identity, gender expression, transgender), medical conditions (cancer and genetic information including family medical history), disability (medical, mental or physical, including HIV or AIDS), request or denial of family medical care leave and pregnancy leave, AB60 driver's license or military or veteran status.

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