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The Calaveras County Animal Services Division of the Environmental Management Agency is recruiting to establish an on-call/fill-in list to be used as needed. APPLY NOW! Positions are open until filled.
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Animal Services
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Animal Svc.


Apply now!  Positions are open until filled.


2% COLA Effective 02/17/2018

5% Equity Adjustment Effective 3/3/2018

1% COLA Effective 07/07/2018

5% Equity Adjustment Effective 9/29/2018

2% COLA Effective 01/05/2019

Salary: $13.09 /hr.

Range: 10101

Unit: Unrepresented - Temporary

FLSA: Non-Exempt

Calaveras County is an Equal Opportunity Employer


The County of Calaveras Animal Services Division of the Environmental Management Agency is seeking several Animal Services Officers to join their on-call/fill-in extra-hire team. These positions are temporary in nature requiring the incumbents to be available to fill in when employees are absent or on vacation, as needed.  The shelter operates 7 days a week.


The incumbents will, under general supervision will be responsible for enforcing applicable state and local laws (County ordinances and resolutions) that apply to the governing and control of domestic animals. Animal Services Officers respond to citizens’ complaints and requests, domestic animal control concerns including addressing potentially dangerous and potentially vicious domestic animals.  The Animal Services Officer series also performs related work as assigned.


The Animal Services Officer I is the entry-level position within the series. While this individual performs a full range of skilled and unskilled duties in the general maintenance of the Animal Service Center, they do so in a learning capacity and the direction of more senior Animal Services Officers and/or the Animal Services Manager.   Incumbents will conduct routine field investigations concerning animal control laws of the State of California and Calaveras County while receiving training in such areas as animal recognition, euthanasia, disease recognition, administrative hearings, disaster training, state and federal laws, penal codes and airborne and blood borne pathogen exposure.   Individuals in this class are expected to provide satisfactory explanations or resolutions to problems.


  • Enforces state and local laws pertaining to the control of canines and other domestic animals.
  • Receive and investigate complaints and reports from the public and other agencies regarding stray, dangerous, unwanted or improperly controlled animals; tactfully handle complaints, mitigating concerns; investigate and prepare animal cruelty cases.
  • Pick up and transport stray, confined, sick, injured or dead animals; impound animals and release impounded animals to owners; segregate, isolate, perform euthanasia and dispose of ill, injured, unwanted or aged animals.
  • Apprehends and properly disposes of a variety of domestic pets, wildlife and livestock;
  • Quarantine all canines suspected of having rabies and investigate all potentially dangerous and potentially vicious domestic animals.
  • Receives and investigates complaints regarding the care, maintenance, control and disposal of all types of animals;
  • Provides satisfactory explanations to the general public on State and local laws relating to animals;
  • Exercises tact, compassion, courtesy and poise while discharging assigned duties;
  • Investigates animal bites and completes related paperwork;
  • Investigates and prepares animal cruelty cases; issue violation notices and court citations; collect evidence, prepare, submit and conduct search warrants; appear in court as a witness; prepare responses and represent Calaveras County Animal Services in Superior Court regarding dangerous and vicious dogs; be able to prepare responses to pre- and post- seizure hearings;
  • Issues Notices to Appear in Court and may be required to testify in court relating to criminal matters;
  • Prepares legible, clearly written reports; keeps records and completes forms concerning animal control violations and transactions;
  • Patrols all or assigned areas of the county; issues citations for violations of domestic animal control laws.
  • Operates pick-up trucks, vans and stock trailers used in transportation of animals and equipment;
  • Operate vehicle to patrol jurisdictions overseen by Calaveras County; enforce animal regulations, laws and ordinances; answer questions from the public concerning age, breed, characteristics, care and treatment of animals; advise the public of legal rights, explaining and interpreting animal control laws, regulations, procedures and policies; contact dog owners by house-to-house canvassing to locate unlicensed or unvaccinated dogs; collect and turn in fees.
  • Prepares specimens for submission to the Public Health Lab for rabies examination;
  • Works with the County Health Officer and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), in the prevention of rabies and other diseases;
  • Performs humane euthanasia;
  • Assist at rabies vaccination clinics; administers vaccines and microchips;
  • Examines animals to determine age, sex, and overall condition;
  • Work cooperatively with other law enforcement groups when joint action is required; issue violation notices and court citations, collect evidence and appear in court as a witness, as necessary
  • Performs all duties required for Animal Shelter Assistant, as assigned, including maintaining the shelter in a clean and orderly condition; minor shelter maintenance and repair; feeding, watering and caring for impounded animals;
  • Work cooperatively with local law enforcement in responding to potentially dangerous/potentially violent or rabid animals that require assistance in the dispatching of an animal through use of firearms;
  • Through the use of department approved software, maintain records of all activities involving public contact in the pursuit of official duties; proficiently operates computer software for tracking animals;
  • May be assigned to any shift as needed.


Knowledge of:

Techniques and procedures for the safe, humane and efficient handling of animals; techniques and behavioral characteristics of domestic pets, common wildlife and livestock; basic understanding of common domestic pet anatomy; basic understanding of State and local laws and ordinances relating to the care and maintenance of domestic pets, livestock, wildlife and quarantining of suspected rabid animals; and general computer systems and operations.


Skill to:

Prepare legible, clearly written reports, logs and forms; treat, handle and care for animals in a respectful, compassionate and humane manner; develop evidence in investigations for criminal prosecution; learn and perform crime scene preservation and evidence handling techniques;  recognize symptoms of rabies and other common animal diseases; learn and perform animal capture involving tranquilizers, traps and related equipment; take physical control of animals, including livestock, that may resist; and learn computer software programs for animal tracking; clearly explain animal control procedures and regulations to the public; discharge firearm safely and accurately; read and comprehend laws and regulations pertaining to animal control; present evidence and testify in court cases; recognize symptoms of rabies and other animal diseases; and keep statistical records.


Education, Training and Experience:

Equivalent to graduation from high school.  Additional coursework or training in animal health, behavior and/or animal control is desirable. –AND-  One year of full-time paid or volunteer experience in the care or control of animals.  Examples of qualifying experience are:  Veterinarian technician or helper, kennel attendant, zoo attendant, 4-H or Farm experience, or animal training experience.

PC832 Certificate and Euthanasia Certificate preferred but not required for extra-hire on-call positions.


Licenses, Certificates, or Registrations:

Possession of a valid California driver’s license.



Interested individuals must submit the following:

  • Calaveras County application
  • Cover letter
  • Resume

Application materials will be reviewed to evaluate the specific qualifications of each applicant and determine which applicants will continue in the screening process.  Incomplete application information will result in the candidate being screened out of the process.  Those candidates identified as having qualifications best suited for the position will be invited to participate in the interview process.




Animal Services Officers should maintain a level of physical fitness to be able to safely perform all duties, especially those requiring maximum levels of exertion (moving/controlling large animals and lifting medium to large animals into van/truck/cage.)

The physical requirements described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.


Lifting/Carrying/Maneuvering:  Must lift items from levels that include: floor level or from below the knee; knee through chest level and above the shoulder level that may weigh in excess of 75 pounds. Items to be lifted may include, but are not limited to: Animals, carcasses, traps, food bags, sections of fencing. Must be able to effectively perform work while in a kneeling, stooped, crouched or squatted position for extended periods of time; able to bend forward at the waist or squat in retrieving animals or supplies, bags of food, returning animals, storing supplies, cleaning cages, securing/removing animals from ground-level cages, watering/feeding animals; able to push and/or pull domestic animals in an effective manner including all forms of livestock; able to lift dead, dying, injured and/or healthy animals in/out of control truck cages or portable cages; able to lift and safely carry up to 75 pounds; able to exert up to 75 pounds of force in a horizontal plane between waist and shoulder height of a distance up to 10 feet when performing job tasks (e.g. up to 75-pound force required to push equipment, and impounded/sheltered animals; push and hold onto a catch pole or rope attached to an animal; close cages and doors.)  The degree of force exerted by an employee to perform various job tasks will vary according to the weight and cooperation of the animal.  May manipulate (push, pull or carry) items weighing in excess of 100 pounds with assistance, such as injured animals and animal carcasses.  Frequently lift and/or move 10-20 pounds, regularly lift 30-50 pounds and occasionally lift up to 75 pounds Must be able to carry items distances of plus/minus 25 feet. Items to be carried include bags of food, trapped animals, carcasses, animal carriers, and miscellaneous equipment.


Body Positions:  Required positions may include awkward postures, climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, reaching, stretching, standing and moving about on both even and uneven terrain, sitting to operate equipment and drive between jobs. Drives to and between sites, which includes entering and exiting a vehicle multiple times per day; manual Dexterity includes walking (forward, backward, sideways), fingering (as in feeling, picking, pinching, typing or otherwise working primarily with fingers), grasping, repetitive motions of the wrists, hands and/or fingers; have speed and agility to move away from charging/kicking livestock or aggressive animals; bend or squat for extended periods of time to clean cages at ground level; bend over to pick up small items or animals from ground level: and climb ladders and work at aboveground levels


Hearing and Vision:  Must be able to hear and respond to in-person and/or telephone communication; hear radio transmissions, pagers, back-up alarms, and telephones.  Must be able to hear cries of distress and annoyed animal noises. Must have good distance vision (clear vision of 20 feet or more) for driving; color vision (ability to identify and distinguish colors); peripheral vision needed for driving, scanning surroundings, and maintaining awareness of equipment in surroundings; depth perception and the ability to adjust focus.



Incumbents must be able and willing to work in the following working conditions: Exposure to infectious, poisonous, frightened and aggressive animals;  exposure to angry, combative or uncooperative people; work outdoor in all types of local weather conditions and in unsanitary environments; work in and around animal fur, dander and other biologic or chemical allergens; exposure to animal wastes and various cleaning and disinfecting chemicals; work non-traditional schedules, off-shift (holidays, weekends), fluctuating hours and after hours call outs; exposure to chemicals used to perform euthanasia; work at various locations throughout the County; wear a uniform that conforms to departmental standards.  The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate.

Human Resources Division

891 Mountain Ranch Road, Building C, San Andreas, CA 95249
Phone (209) 754-6303 ~ Fax (209) 754-6333 ~


Calaveras County is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious creed (including religious dress and grooming), national origin, age (40 and above), sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and/or related medical conditions), marital status, sexual orientation ( heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, gender identity, gender expression, transgender), medical conditions (cancer and genetic information including family medical history), disability (medical, mental or physical, including HIV or AIDS), request or denial of family medical care leave and pregnancy leave, AB60 driver's license or military or veteran status.

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